“Jessica’s enthusiasm, determination, professionalism, and hard working attitude immediately caught my eye. She came to work ready, prepared and polished everyday. Her ability to make people laugh and smile was a joy to see. I do hope I get to work with her again in the future. She is someone that you will never forget.”

Jaimie Selke - Director / Choreographer - Paw Patrol Live - “Race to the Rescue”

“Jessica Threet’s narration has the nimble quality of placing you inside an author’s head. She will be your guide to a world crafted by imagination... while maintaining a soothing, well-paced cadance and absolute clarity. Not to mention her keen ability to embody different personas along the trek. An entire population born of a single mind and talent. Each as alive and dynamic as the world in which they live.” 

Podium Audio

“Jessica has an extraordinary vocal instrument (of three and a half octaves!!!) and a great sensitivity to all musical genres. However, I think her ability to collaborate with other artists is her greatest asset as she is always there to contribute artistically and intellectually. She has fierce determination but always makes room for others’ ideas.”

Nomi Tichman, Tichman Training and Co-founder of Do No Harm Theatre Company 

“She was a delight to direct. Not only was she prepared, she had clear and insightful ideas of what to do with the material. She also took direction beautifully and was open to my suggestions. She has an incredible instrument in her voice. It is very powerful, but has many colors with which to enhance a song. I can say without reservation, Jessica Threet would be an asset to any production.” 

Tom Wallace, Director

Listen to a Sample of My Voicework: 



by Dave Willmarth with Mountaindale Press. 
Narrated by Jessica Threet and Daniel Wisniewski 
A Bestselling Audiobook.
Was in the Top 30 of All Audible!